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Apr 15, 2022

COSBON Co., Ltd. is a Korean cosmetics manufacturer and seller dedicated to cosmetics and Facial Beauty Equipment .Since its foundation in 1998, it has been carrying out its innovative research and development to launch the best and the world’s first cosmetics products.

COSBON products have been highly recognized in the global market for quality, design, and functionality. By prioritizing quality and customer-first policies, COSBON has won the support and trust from the customers in the world. With its products of innovative technology, unique design, convenience, and value, COSBON has not only been contributing to the development of beauty industry but also working hard to introduce a new level of beauty products to customers across the globe.

COSBONwill lead the global and Korean cosmetics market by constantly unveiling new products which predict customer’s future demand as well as meet customers’ current demand. Its corporate vision is to build trust with customers based on trustworthy products through continuous R&D, rather than pursuing business profit first. COSBON is moving towards a vision to become a respected company to be specialized in beauty products by satisfying customer needs through quality products and services.

COSBON’s Korean beauty products mainly consist of Makeup, Skincare, Brushes & Tools, and Containers. Especially in the makeup cosmetics category, COSBON is manufacturing and selling Face, Eyes and Lips cosmetic products and Palettes.

COSBON’s cosmetic products for Eye makeup

✔️Eye shadow: COSBON’s 24 different colors of eye shadow in a single container make it possible to put the professional eye makeup anywhere, anytime. Shimmery eye shadow with rich color particles has exceptional tinting power and color with long-lasting uniform expression. This innovative formula is waterproof and has no powder scattering effect while providing perfect color gradation and cover of fine lines.
✔️Eyeliner: COSBON’s thin and delicate brush makes it convenient and easy to express exquisite eye lines. The long-lasting sparkling and vivid color will provide a glittering effect with colors of black and brown.

COSBON’s cosmetic products for Lips and Face

✔️Lips cosmetics: COSBON’s 10 different colors of lipstick in a single container allow the expression of professional lip makeup to be done anywhere, anytime. This attractive and colorful lipstick contains high quality moisturizer of Shea butter to provide softness, moisture, and a vivid color. It helps express creamy or soft sensation and classical or matte lips. It is a new lipstick consisting of soft texture, light touch, vivid color, and amazing long-lasting effects.
✔️Face cosmetics: COSBON's anti-aging pressed powder covers wrinkles and blemishes of the facial skin to stand out smooth and lustrous skin. The Sebum control powder adheres closely to skin to keep makeup intact all day long.

COSBON’s retractable gel eye liner has a gel texture that delivers intense color and smoothly glides on the sensitive areas around the eyes. The highly adhesive formula of Retractable Gel Eyeliner offers long-lasting and clear-cut effects without smudge. The size will be easily adjustable by the users with the help of a container that goes back and forth. It is available in the colors of black, brown, plum, grey, and blue.

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