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Professional Korean Vegan Makeup Brushes And Sets | COSBON

Jun 22, 2022

COSBON Co., Ltd. is a Korean cosmetics manufacturer that has been dedicated to cosmetics and beauty products for more than 20 years since its foundation in 1998.

COSBON Korean Professional Makeup Brushes And Sets

COSBON’s Korean professional makeup products consist of Brushes, Skincare & Tools and Containers. Especially COSBON is manufacturing and selling many varieties of Korean Vegan Makeup Brushes And Sets. This cosmetic brush set consist of six brushes.

The brush hair provides superior touch which makes no powder or shadow scatter residue on the face during makeup. The brush composition and size are categorized depending on use in order for professionals to express creative and characteristic makeup. And the Pot type brush case makes it also easy to use and carry everywhere.

✔️Hair: Synthetic
✔️Ferrule: Aluminum
✔️Handle: Wood
✔️Pot Kit: Synthetic leather

COSBON Korean Vegan Nail Arts Brushes And Sets

This brush is the designer brand to be registered international design patent. It is made of fine and soft goat hair and applies powder makeup onto skin to smooth out any roughness of the face skin. It has the function of smoothing out lumped powder. This soft, professional, high quality brush makes the cheek contours perfect and immaculate.

✔️Hair: Special goat 100%
✔️Ferrule: Brass nickel
✔️Handle: Special wood

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