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World’s Number one Premium Sheet Mask | COSBON

March 18, 2022

COSBON Co., Ltd. is a Korean cosmetics manufacturer and seller dedicated to cosmetics and beauty products. Since its foundation in 1998, it has been carrying out its innovative research and development to launch the best and first cosmetics products around the world.

Its corporate vision is to build trust with customers based on trustworthy products through continuous R&D, rather than pursuing business profit first. COSBON is moving towards a vision to become a respected company to be specialized in beauty products.

Focusing on the global market, COSBON has obtained not a few international patents for its differentiated products with artistry and convenience through new technology and design.

COSBON will lead the global and Korean cosmetics market by constantly unveiling new products which predict future demand as well as meet customers’ current demand.

COSBON’s Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask

COSBON’sBio-cellulose sheet mask is a 3-Layered sheet created with fermentation technology with excellent adhesive ability. The most optimized slicing technique is used to ensure the highest quality at a competitive price. Bio-Cellulose sheet mask is a Paraben-free sheet which was upgraded and is today’s No.1 premium sheet with excellent adhesive ability just like the second skin.

COSBON’s Bio-cellulose sheet mask is a macromolecule nature-derived sheet. It is developed by fermentation of natural microorganisms with natural raw material of juice inside coconut, using the advanced mass culture technology. It is good for normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive skin types. COSBON's bio-cellulose sheet masks of various types can be used for effective skin care of different parts of the body other than the face. It provides various prescriptive solutions like moisturizing, soothing, firming, etc.

Features of COSBON Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask

✔️It provides all-in-one solutions for whitening, moisturizing, soothing, and elasticity.
✔️It is formulated without Paraben, sulfates and phthalates.
✔️It has an excellent adhesive ability.

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